Jack, Part 1

There are several stories in the works about this guy. Despite what I’ll say about him, he’s really a good guy. Jack was friendly, funny, and always seemed to care about other people. He and I worked together at CableISP, and he was in my training group. Thing is… he was fresh out of college […]

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Raise the Bar on Repros

If you’re a fan of the NES and SNES eras of gaming, we’re living in a New Golden Age.  Not only do we have the ability to get any games we may have wanted back in the day, but there are new games being made on a regular basis.  As if that weren’t enough, prototypes […]

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Ms. LazyBoss

So, Ms. LazyBoss was in a bit of a bad situation. Her commercial multifunction printer was dying, but when it came time to get equipment replaced, she just never quite came up to the top of the priority list. Her printer was leased from a local copier company, so we tried to work with them, […]

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Networks– Wire It!

If you want the best performance out of your home network, and the best possible streaming for your TV shows, movies, and games, then you really should bypass your wireless access and connect everything with ethernet cables.  But why, WHY would you use those yucky wires, when WiFi is just so easy and cool? Because, […]

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BitBox Game Case Review

There was a time when I didn’t think casing video games was a big deal.  Why?  Because I was under the impression that shelf space wasn’t a finite commodity, and that flipping through stacks of awkwardly-shaped plastic cartridges wasn’t a pain in the ass.  Now, however, I’ve hit a point where I realize my collection […]

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I Blame YOU!

CableISP offered an online tool that allowed a customer to make minor changes to their account over the company website. In order to access it, a customer needed to fill out an online form, which should take only five minutes at the most. One such lad found the process frustrating… “Thank you for calling CableISP, […]

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SideClick Remotes – Review

Like a lot of people, I’m in remote control overload.  One remote for the TV, one for the audio, one for the BluRay player, one for the streaming box, and yet another for an HDMI switch to tie it all together.  And not only is this setup convoluted, but it’s not even that unusual. Everything […]

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