Getting Back to Basics

Every few months, someone will ask me what I reccomend to play original NES games.  It’s not exactly a simple question, there are a lot of variables that change from person to person.  However, there are some solutions that seem to come up time and time again, so I figured I’d outline the major contenders. […]

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Rico Suave

(NOTE: As with all tech tales, the prices and technology quickly become dated references.  I assure you the numbers and specs you see in this story were accurate at the time.) Rico Suave walked in one day, and the entire store seemed classier by his presence. He projected an air of handsomeness and pure manly […]

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I was called up to the front desk, told that some lady was wanting to return a laptop bag that was past the due date. Normally, our returns are allowed for 30 days officially. We could do 40 without a problem, everything else was pretty much a no-go. So, I walk up and meet Stella, […]

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Viva La 3DS!

So three months ago, for my birthday, my lovely wife surprised me with a 3DS.  Now, bear in mind that I hadn’t bought new gaming hardware since my Xbox 360, and that was 2008.  I admit, I’d nearly forgotten how much fun it was to pick up a brand-new console.  This is something that doesn’t […]

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Less is More

As a tech, it’s not in my nature to choose form over function.  Sometimes, however, they can be the same thing, if you just think about it.  Home networking can be an example.  It’s possible, with very little effort, to set up a high-speed network in your house.  That doesn’t mean your home should look […]

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Why I Am Not a Gamer

This upcoming weekend is going to be my first commitment-free weekend in a while, the perfect chance to just enjoy some quality time with the family.  With a super-hot weather forecast on the horizon, it looked like indoor activities were going to be the ticket.  My wife, Kendra, and I do like to play video […]

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Rabbit Ears and Red Faces

This is going to be one of those stories about life in the 21st century.  Or more to the point, how in a world that offers seemingly unlimited technology, sometimes we can’t even get the basics right. Like many cord-cutters, I use an over-the-air antenna to get local HD channels.  Since the digital tuner in […]

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