My Starfleet Wardrobe

Can I confess something?  I absolutely, positively hate the word “cosplay”.  I prefer calling it just plain “costuming”, since that’s what it is.  Call me old-fashioned, but I like actually using the full word, and it’s not right to call it “play” when it involves this much work!  Now having said that, I’ll still use […]

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Going Home

If I have one major weakness within sci-fi, it’s time travel stories.  Consider that sci-fi itself is my weakness, then time travel stories are a weakness within a weakness.  Catnip, even.  So I felt the need to write “Going Home” more than anything, just to tell myself a time travel story.  I hope you like […]

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Programming Class Flashbacks

So I want to write the inaugural post to this blog, which I intend to use to keep track of all my geeky projects, and WordPress suggests I start with “Hello World!”  If you’ve ever taken a programming class, that’s almost always the first constructive thing you ever do– learn how to make the computer […]

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