No Summer Lull Here

In the Bossig household, there is no “summer slump” in between TV seasons.  Summer is the time when we start catching up on shows we’ve missed or re-watching old favorites.  Why suffer through endless reality shows when you can watch a quality show, uninterrupted, at your own pace?  Time it right, and you can watch […]

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Kickstarting Common Sense

I’m a big fan of Kickstarter and other crowdfunding services, but I think it’s time the internet started to enforce some real-world economics on the idea.  Yes, raising a five-figure sum to make potato salad is a great story, but that’s not a sustainable event.  Too many people see crowdfunding as an internet-powered money machine.  […]

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Long Live Shiny Discs!

Like most MST3K fans, who still haven’t come to terms with the fact that their favorite TV show ended 15 years ago, I love RiffTrax.  While I can’t turn on the TV and see a new episode, I can at least download a movie or a short featuring the same talent.   So imagine my […]

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My Starfleet Wardrobe

Can I confess something?  I absolutely, positively hate the word “cosplay”.  I prefer calling it just plain “costuming”, since that’s what it is.  Call me old-fashioned, but I like actually using the full word, and it’s not right to call it “play” when it involves this much work!  Now having said that, I’ll still use […]

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Going Home

If I have one major weakness within sci-fi, it’s time travel stories.  Consider that sci-fi itself is my weakness, then time travel stories are a weakness within a weakness.  Catnip, even.  So I felt the need to write “Going Home” more than anything, just to tell myself a time travel story.  I hope you like […]

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Programming Class Flashbacks

So I want to write the inaugural post to this blog, which I intend to use to keep track of all my geeky projects, and WordPress suggests I start with “Hello World!”  If you’ve ever taken a programming class, that’s almost always the first constructive thing you ever do– learn how to make the computer […]

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