HTP Episode 027 – Pete Doree

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Independent comic artist Pete Doree has created an amazing tribute story titled “Stan & Jack”, which puts Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the roles of Fantastic Four-Style superheroes. Pete and I sit down and have a chat about his project, as well as our love of Silver- and Bronze-Age comics from Marvel and DC. We also work through our pain points with the Batman movies as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Again, please be sure to order “Stan & Jack” and follow Pete’s Twitter Account. For more of his writing, check out The Kids From Rec. Road, a blog in which Pete is a partner and co-creator.

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HTP Episode 026 – Artie Hoffman


My journey into the world of science fiction would not be complete without a deep dive into the topic of the paranormal- unexplained phenomena that may be science fact, albeit at a level we can’t yet quantify. Artie Hoffman is a life coach, psychic, and all around great guy. Not only do we get a good talk in about keeping your cool in a crisis, but he does a quick reading on me and definitely gets it right!

Again, please be sure to check out, Artie’s official website.

Geek Resource: Realm of the Mist – A podcast network full of like-minded shows, that will be carrying Hungry Trilobyte!

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HTP Episode 025 – Michael Mueller


Director of the 2020 indie film, The E-Listers: Life in the Back Lane, Michael Mueller is one of the most promising independent filmmakers today. His movie is based on the lives and career struggles of
“extras” in the movie industry: people who have non-speaking parts in films. Based in Atlanta, GA, Michael took a script by Edward Reid and delivered a real love letter to people with a passion for making film.

Again, please be sure to check out The E-Listers Movie and watch the trailer early. Michael can be followed at his website, M3 Creative.

Geek Resource: DVD Verdict – Fantastic old-school, no-nonsense DVD and Blu Ray reviews. Has some of my old writing from the mid-2000s.

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HTP Episode 024 – Jack O’Halloran


Jack O’Halloran is an actor from one of the greatest eras of Hollywood filmmaking. Star of some of my favorite movies, like Superman and Superman II, Jack has some amazing insights into movies. In this episode, he and I discuss working with greats such as Marlon Brando, Chuck Norris, and Robert Mitchum. Jack also shares first-hand experience with the JFK assassination and the rise and fall of the drug war and organized crime. His current novel, Family Legacy, looks to tell the true history of the connection between the Kennedy family and the lives of ordinary Americans in the 20th century.

Again, please be sure to check out Jack’s book, Family Legacy.

Geek Resource: Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – Literally the best history podcast ever, a great mind for picking apart tons of topics, from the Cold War to the Mongol Invasions.

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