HTP Episode 059 – Tina Marie Trimpert


Tina Marie Trimpert is the host of The Psyche-Delic podcast, a show built on second-guessing our assumptions about the world.  Tina and her “panel of non-experts” look at pop psychology, philosophy, and the paranormal with a wide range of perspectives.  During our chat, Tina and I compare notes on the differences between discussing science and philosophy, the different tools needed for each, and the motivations someone could have for looking at the intersections between the two.  We also start a great chat on where the boundaries lie between the material world and the paranormal.

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HTP Episode 058 – Richard Burgin


Richard Burgin is the director of Fang, a psychological horror film. The upcoming movie is the story of Billy, an unreliable protagonist with undiagnosed Autism. Richard used his own experience with Aspurgers syndrome to shape the film and make it a personal work. In this episode, Richard and I talk about the challenges of independent filmmaking and the struggles of a starting artist.

Follow Fang on Facebook, and check out Richard’s presence on Facebook as well.

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HTP Episode 057 – Mike James, “UKMike”


Mike James aka UKMike, is the author of the upcoming book, ‘Smoke and Mirrors: The Rise and Fall of a Serial Antipreneur”. The book is a dissection of the Coleco Chameleon farce of 2015, when hobbyist Mike Kennedy attempted to bluff his way into a $2 million Kickstarter for a new game console, despite having no skills, technology, or (quite frankly) common sense. Mike and I give a basic history of the story for the benefit of newcomers, and share some of our personal opinions of when the story went from bad to worse.

Smoke and Mirrors has its own website, and the Kickstarter page is here.  Follow the Twitter account to check the progress of the new saga!

If you’d like to read about the scandal in real-time, back from the original sources, you can follow the original announcement thread on AtariAge.  Don’t forget the follow-up thread about the Coleco Chameleon.

UKMike is a regular on the Retro Gaming Roundup Podcast.

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HTP Episode 056 – Dr. Lisa Yaszek and Sci Fi @ Tech


Dr. Lisa Yaszek is Regents Professor of science fiction studies at Georgia Tech, putting a particular focus on lost voices in the realm of science fiction.  Dr. Yasek also coordinates the Sci Fi @ Tech collection, a research lab at GA Tech providing students with incredible resources to study (and even develop) science fiction.  In this episode, she and I discuss the importance of studying scifi at the undergrad level, and how such studies can apply directly to the world at large. We also have a great time talking about early scifi and our mutual love of the silent film, A Trip to the Moon.

Other notable works we discussed:

No matter where you are in the world, you can share in the resources of GA Tech’s Sci Fi Lab through their YouTube Channel, Twitch Stream, and Podcast.

Lisa Yaszek’s personal contributions to academia can be tracked on her Amazon Author page.

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