HTP Episode 156 – Katie Leigh

Katie Leigh is a voice actress known for work on Darkwing Duck, The Real Ghostbusters, Gummi Bears, and Adventures in Odyssey…. And I get to fanboy out a little over her performance as Young Han Solo in Lego Star Wars: The Padawan Menace. She comes to Hungry Trilobyte to put a little perspective on the differences between voice acting in the 80s and today, and how fan convention culture has brought creators and the audience together into a community.

Be sure to check out Katie’s full list of work at IMDb. You can follow Katie on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, as well as her official website. Be sure to check out her webseries Tell Ya Later.

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HTP Episode 133 – Dan Decker Returns!

Dan Decker (last seen in Episode 60) comes back to swap some ideas about why fandom affects different people in different ways– starting with very young kids and up through all stages of life.  He and I pull from examples such as Ghostbusters, Star Wars: Episode I, Transformers, and of course, Star Trek.

If you’d like the full context for this conversation, here are the earlier installments:

You can follow Dan on Twitter, both on his personal account as well as his Podcast’s account.  Be sure to listen to Shall We Digress!

This episode announces the “Coffee Lifts Creatives” writing contest from Sci-Fi Coffee.  Use promo code HUNGRY for 10% off your order.

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HTP Episode 125 – Chris Byrne, “The Toy Guy”

Chris Byrne is a toy enthusiast and historian. He operates a blog called The Toy Guy and a podcast called The Playground Podcast. Noting how children use play and imagination to form how they see the world, Chris has some great insights into the roles that toys hold in our lives- both when we’re young and when we’re old. In this episode of Hungry Trilobyte, Chris and I look at how toys have shifted in the eyes of our larger culture. The two of us look into the rise of the adult toy collector, and the weird ways the industry has settled in the wake of Toys R Us closing its doors.

You can follow Chris on Instagram and Twitter!

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HTP Episode 108 – Michael Lloyd

Michael Lloyd is a fresh actor who loves podcasting and has a lot of great views on fandom. He schools me on why he loves horror (and I’m a horror dummy) and we get to compare it to Star Wars and Marvel fandoms. On a more critical note, we get to compare how different fandoms respond to an excess of sequels and reboots.


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HTP Episode 050 – Jerry Bennet Returns!


Jerry Bennett, the first guest ever on Hungry Trilobyte, returns for episode #50! Jerry and I discuss the challenges of being creative in 2020 and the unique opportunities still around for artists. Jerry has been on an incredible self-improvement regimen, and I make the point that the ‘starving artist’ myth does more harm than good. Speaking of thriving, we discuss how Jerry was a guest at the OK Art Crawl, an art show for the socially distanced. I brag on some awesome open-source creative apps like GIMP, LibreOffice, and Ubuntu Studio. Jerry sings the praises of Procreate.

Be sure to catch up with Jerry at the following sites:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etsy, and TeePublic

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HTP Episode 045 – Derrick Nadeau and Michael Ehmcke


Michael Ehmcke and Derrick Nadeau are a dynamic duo in the realm of podcasting. Basing their series of shows off their site, the two crank out episodes of Wookiee Radio and Mighty Marvel Geeks, with a great team of other podcasters joining them. We Be Geeks also offers their own Podcast Collective, pooling the resources of other like-minded shows. In this episode, we talk about how podcasts help connect people who otherwise might not have a conduit to friends with the same interests.

The WeBeGeeks team collects all their work on their official website. You can also track them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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HTP Episode 044 – Rod Faulkner


Rod Faulkner is the blogger from The 7th Matrix, a fantastic resource for independent science fiction, as well as the podcaster from Eye on Sci-Fi. In 2019, I appeared on his show, and Rod now graciously returns the favor. In this episode, Rod and I spend a lot of time talking about the wealth of projects from independent artists… as well as offering our opinions on Batman and Star Wars!

List of projects we talk about:

You can follow The 7th Matrix at the official website, on Twitter, Pinterest, Medium and Instagram. Be sure to subscribe to the Eye on Sci-Fi podcast on your platform of choice.

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The Life Radio Show 5/12/2020

I had a great time discussing Hungry Trilobyte with Don Smith from The Life Radio Show, out of WWSU. We got to cover a lot of ground on why fandom helps people cope, and how to use it to prompt creativity and positivity. I cover my favorite Treks, analyze the newer Star Wars movies, and gush over MST3k in the 21st century.

HTP Episode 020 – Mur Lafferty


Mur Lafferty is an author and podcasting pioneer. Having released her first book, Playing for Keeps, free as an audio podcast, she helped pave the way for e-books and audio distribution as we know it today. Authoring the novelization of the Solo movie, this brings her into the Star Wars universe, and with her latest book, “Minecraft: The Lost Journals,” she brings life to the amazing video game franchise. Currently, she continues to connect with her fans via her podcasts “I Should Be Writing”, “Ditch Diggers” and “Escape Pod”. In this episode, we discuss how the digital landscape has changed since she got her start, what it’s like to be an established writer, and how to keep up your motivation to be creative.

Here’s where you can check out Mur’s Universe:

Twitter, Murverse (Official Site)

Geek Resource: Manuscript Wishlist – The big site for getting to know what the writing market is hungry for!

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