HTP Episode 085 – Michael Stein

Michael Stein earned his indie film stripes starring as Dirk Diggler in the short film that would later be remade as Boogie Nights.  Not only did he get a cameo in the later movie, but he quickly developed a relationship with movies and independent film, at a time when the indie film world was a completely different world.
In this episode of Hungry Trilobyte, Michael and I get granular about how film has changed since the streaming revolution, and the ways in which that trend has both helped and hurt auteur filmmakers.  We look carefully for a way to get back some of the earlier energy without throwing out the obvious benefits of the 21st century.

Long Shot Leaders is Michael’s new podcast, about people who have succeeded as independent artists despite all odds.


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HTP Episode 061 – Liz Priestley


Liz Priestley is an accomplished stage actress, currently transitioning into film with her upcoming movie, Concrete Cowboy.  The movie stars Idris Elba and gives a look into the world of the urban cowboy.  During our chat, Liz and I look at the movie and see it as an example of modern filmmaking empowering artists, and audiences having better access to great films than ever.  Not only that, but we look at the COVID wild card that has been thrown into everyone’s creative process.

Keep tabs on Liz’s career on IMDB!

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HTP Episode 019 – Chris “Sampo” Cornell


Chris Cornell, known to the internet as “Sampo,” has been one of the key webmasters for MST3k since websites were still new and different. In this episode, Sampo and I share stories of how fandom has grown since the birth of the modren internet, and how passion for a show can lead you to being involved in the show itself.

Here’s where you can check out Sampo’s legacy:

Twitter, Satellite News

Geek Resource: Satellite News – The site we’ve been talking about all through the episode!

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No Summer Lull Here

In the Bossig household, there is no “summer slump” in between TV seasons.  Summer is the time when we start catching up on shows we’ve missed or re-watching old favorites.  Why suffer through endless reality shows when you can watch a quality show, uninterrupted, at your own pace?  Time it right, and you can watch the whole series between June and August.
Here’s what’s on tap for us this summer:

  1. Outlander
  2. Star Trek: Enterprise
  3. Batman (1966)

Personally, I’m a big fan of buying my favorite shows outright, but Netflix and Hulu are fantastic alternatives too.  Summer’s just getting started, so if you’re frustrated at cable TV’s offerings… Seek out something better!