HTP Episode 140 – Austin Trunick

Austin Trunick is a film enthusiast and author of the two-volume series The Cannon Film Guide, soon to be expanding into its third volume. Austin and I spend some time talking about the history of the Cannon Film Group, and how their brand of cheap action films fit into the larger movie culture of the 80s. This involves a lot of comparing notes about early video rental places prior to the transition to DVD. We also dig drive-ins like the Mahoning Drive-In and the Circle Drive-In.

And seriously, can anyone tell me how A-Treat wound up in Raw Deal?

You can follow Austin on his Amazon Author page, his Twitter feed, and his Facebook account.

This episode features collaboration from Sci-Fi Coffee.  Use promo code HUNGRY for 10% off your order.

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HTP Episode 069 – Kennedy Phillips




Kennedy Phillips is a professional Sound Designer, as well as an enthusiast of vintage audio drama and online content creator. He has worked on projects such as Spiders and Arctic. His own projects include the audio drama Magus Elgar, as well as the series Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. In this episode, Kennedy and I discuss the impact that sound engineering has on the dramatic experience, and the different ways that can be presented in film, audio drama, podcasts, and even in real life.

That conversation takes an unexpected turn, when we jump from talking about audio drama to our various feelings on Star Trek: Voyager.  

You can follow Kennedy on his official website as well as his Twitter account.

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HTP Episode 034 – Pat Jankiewicz


Pat Jankiewicz is an actor, writer, and collector of pop culture knowledge. He’s written for Star Trek Magazine, Starlog, and is the author of books on Buck Rogers and The Incredible Hulk. Pat and I get into a great discussion on how the comic industry is shifting, and the importance of grabbing new readers. There’s also a great discussion on the differences between online conventions and real-world ones.

You can follow him on Twitter. Be sure to look up Pat’s writing in Infinity, Star Wars Insider, and Star Trek Magazine.

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HTP Episode 033 – Ron Marz


Ron Marz is a longtime writer of comic books, having worked for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, and other companies. I get to share my fondness for Ron’s work at DC in the 90s, as well as that era of comics in general, then he and I swap notes about how comic fans deal with change… and the unique challenges that presents to the writers of comics. SPOILER: I’m a big fan of his Green Lantern story, Emerald Twilight.

Ron has a lot of really fun projects in the works! You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and find his full body of work on

If you enjoyed this episode, you may want to check out the chat with Darryl Banks as well.

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HTP Episode 024 – Jack O’Halloran


Jack O’Halloran is an actor from one of the greatest eras of Hollywood filmmaking. Star of some of my favorite movies, like Superman and Superman II, Jack has some amazing insights into movies. In this episode, he and I discuss working with greats such as Marlon Brando, Chuck Norris, and Robert Mitchum. Jack also shares first-hand experience with the JFK assassination and the rise and fall of the drug war and organized crime. His current novel, Family Legacy, looks to tell the true history of the connection between the Kennedy family and the lives of ordinary Americans in the 20th century.

Again, please be sure to check out Jack’s book, Family Legacy.

Geek Resource: Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – Literally the best history podcast ever, a great mind for picking apart tons of topics, from the Cold War to the Mongol Invasions.

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