HTP Episode 106 – Sam de la Rosa


Sam de la Rosa has been an artist with Marvel, DC, IDW, Dark Horse, and other publishers for four decades.  He and I got to talking at Dallas Fan Expo, and he was gracious enough to highlight how comic fans have grown into the new world that’s obsessed with superheroes, but might not know the source material.

You can follow Sam on his official website and his Facebook page.

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HTP Episode 088 – Billy Mays III

Billy Mays III is a progressive rock musician who has spent years finding different ways to layer experimental sounds.  As Infinite Third, you can track the path his music has taken over the past decade.  Billy Mays also happens to be the son of the late TV pitchman, who developed a fan following apart from OxyClean and Mighty Putty.
In this episode of Hungry Trilobyte, Billy Mays and I discuss how his father’s passing directly affected his musical path, and how loss and creativity are connected.  We also celebrate the ways in which fans are affected by artists in unexpected ways– his father (and the memes he inspired) being great examples.  As if that weren’t enough, Billy Mays III is a fan of comic books, and how awesome is that?

You can follow Billy Mays III on his official website,, watch him live on Twitch and YouTube, and support him on Patreon.  He has social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you’d like to check Billy’s efforts to honor his father’s legacy, Including The Laundry Project, that site is

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HTP Episode 086 – Mark Stancil and Daniel Hancock



Mark Stancil and Daniel Hancock are team members at Terminus Media, an independent comic book publisher with a really wild line of projects. Dominion: Fall of the House of Saul is a space epic retelling of the Biblical book 1 Samuel. The three of us spend a lot of time discussing the pros and cons of taking a fantastic approach to such an ancient scripture. Samson: Rise is a more text-faithful interpretation of the Bible story, but still using the format of the comic book for full dramatic effect.


In this episode of Hungry Trilobyte, we have a lot of fun looking at how comic book fandom can be used to intersect with people’s faiths on a literal level, and why this project works while so many others don’t.


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HTP Episode 032 – Amanda Deibert


Amanda Deibert is a writer, currently working with DC Comics on titles such as Wonder Woman ’77 and DC Superhero Girls. She’s also a working mother with a huge social media following, and in our chat, we talk about the balance between professional interests and being a good parent and spouse.

Amanda has a lot of really fun projects in the works, such as Work for a Million, a lesbian detective novel, and John Carpenter’s Tales for a HalloweeNight. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and find her full body of work on her official website.

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HTP Episode 009 – J.K. Woodward


J.K. Woodward is one of the top comic artists with IDW Publishing, known for his work on Star Trek and Doctor Who titles. In this episode, we discuss Trek history, the role the comics have played in the franchise, as well as his collaboration with Peter David. J.K. also discusses the SDCC announcement of a Mirror Voyager one-shot. Also, during our talk, I make reference to my wall art, a painting called “Of Bajor” by Brandon Bird.

Here’s where you can keep tabs on J.K and his work:

Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Go Trek Yourself Podcast , Official Website

Geek Resources:

The 7th Matrix – Blogger Rod Faulkner (@RodTFaulkner) uses his blog to review independent science fiction films and filmmakers. His podcast, Eye on Sci Fi, has a lot of great one-on-one discussions. With so many people making indie films these days, it’s hard to find the real talent, and Rod has an excellent eye.

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