HTP Episode 129 – Jim Dirschberger



Jim Dirschberger is the creative director at Wide Right Games, the company behind Rifftrax: The Game. Jim and I discuss the game from a design perspective, but also from the perspectives of two fans who really, really want to see riffing in new and exciting ways.  The game is something of a spiritual sequel to the company’s earlier hit, What the Dub?

This was a really fun chat.  Jim talks about the VHS era of movie discovery, while I talked about my fondness for educational films and the one I remember most, The Magic House.  I’d also pointed out that Rifftrax: The Game seems to pull a lot from the SegaCD era of gaming, but done way better.

Rifftrax: The Game is available now on all major consoles, as well as Steam.  You can follow Wide Right Games on Twitter, Instagram, and on their YouTube Channel

This episode also introduces our collaboration with Sci-Fi Coffee.

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