HTP Episode 084 – Peter David

Photo courtesy of Luigi Novi

Peter David is an extremely talented author, writing for many great franchises such as Star Trek, X-Men, Superman, Babylon 5, and many other worlds he created.  Peter is also a long-time fan of science fiction, and has a great perspective on how fandom changed from the early days of conventions though today.  In this episode, he and I have a great talk that includes the transition between Star Trek: TOS and Star Trek: TNG, and how the Vietnam War made for a different perspective between the two shows.  We also reflect on rivalries between fandoms, how it’s often an illusion, but also ways in which those rivalries can be very real.

You may have started to get hungry during our discussion of ribs and rib parties… if so, the Atlanta-based rib place we were discussing is Fat Matt’s Rib Shack . Fried chicken can be found at The Colonnade.

If you’d like to check out some of his books, consider starting with Q-Squared, Imzadi, or Pulling Up Stakes.  You’d also do well to check out his independently-published books at Crazy 8 Press, a writing consortium.

You can follow Peter at his official website, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.  For some extra content, you can back his Patreon account.

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HTP Episode 012 – Lee Sargent (Lee Draws Stuff)


Lee Sargent is a popular artist, known for his childlike interpretations of scenes from Star Trek, Dr. Who, and Stargate. Lee feels passionately about letting people enjoy stories on their own terms, that stories are about escapism and creativity. What I love about this chat is that we get to discuss the balance between an artist’s original intention and the audience’s vision. We also get to talk about Australia’s wildlife and doing cons outside the US, with such awesome events as Oz Comic Con and Supanova in his backyard.

Here’s where you can check out Lee’s work:

Twitter, Facebook, Lee Draws Stuff

Geek Resources:

Acts of Gord – Hilarious blog written by the owner of an independent video game store in Canada.

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HTP Episode 009 – J.K. Woodward


J.K. Woodward is one of the top comic artists with IDW Publishing, known for his work on Star Trek and Doctor Who titles. In this episode, we discuss Trek history, the role the comics have played in the franchise, as well as his collaboration with Peter David. J.K. also discusses the SDCC announcement of a Mirror Voyager one-shot. Also, during our talk, I make reference to my wall art, a painting called “Of Bajor” by Brandon Bird.

Here’s where you can keep tabs on J.K and his work:

Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Go Trek Yourself Podcast , Official Website

Geek Resources:

The 7th Matrix – Blogger Rod Faulkner (@RodTFaulkner) uses his blog to review independent science fiction films and filmmakers. His podcast, Eye on Sci Fi, has a lot of great one-on-one discussions. With so many people making indie films these days, it’s hard to find the real talent, and Rod has an excellent eye.

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