HTP Episode 093 – David Giancola



David Giancola is an independent film director who got his start with the movie Time Chasers, a flick that found its first home in the niche VHS bin and then its second in Season 8 of MST3K. He operates out of Edgewood Studios and continues to put out exciting projects to this day.


In this episode of Hungry Trilobyte, David and I talk about the life of Time Chasers both before and after MST3K, becoming Rifftrax rock stars, the different eras of indie film, and how old-fashioned movie fans can find what they’re looking for in this day and age.

David’s latest movie is Axcellerator!  Check it out on Facebook and Amazon Prime.  You can find Edgewood Studios on Facebook as well.

Oh, hey, and if you want that time travel story of mine, it’s here.


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