HTP Episode 065 – Benjamin T. Wilson


Benjamin T. Wilson is an up-and-coming director who is getting ready to premiere his first feature film. In this episode, Ben and I discuss moviemaking, Greek Myths, the past and present of independent filmmaking, and finding movie landmarks.

You can follow Ben on imdb and his official website,  Check his social media at Twitter and Instagram.

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HTP Episode 064 – Dominic Burgess


Dominic Burgess is an accomplished stage actor and has found his way to TV on such shows as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He had the chance to appear on Star Trek: Picard as Mr. Vup, which apparently he fully appreciated, coming into the show as a lifelong Trekkie. In this episode of Hungry Trilobyte, Dominic and I get to talk about acting inside fandom and swap ideas about scifi in general.

You can follow Dominic on his website,, as well as on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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HTP Episode 061 – Liz Priestley


Liz Priestley is an accomplished stage actress, currently transitioning into film with her upcoming movie, Concrete Cowboy.  The movie stars Idris Elba and gives a look into the world of the urban cowboy.  During our chat, Liz and I look at the movie and see it as an example of modern filmmaking empowering artists, and audiences having better access to great films than ever.  Not only that, but we look at the COVID wild card that has been thrown into everyone’s creative process.

Keep tabs on Liz’s career on IMDB!

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HTP Episode 053 – Bruce Vilanch


Quaran-Tina Turner, better known as Bruce Vilanch, is a legendary writer in Hollywood. Although in Geek circles, Bruce is probably best known for writing the Star Wars Holiday Special, his talents have been applied everywhere from the set of Hollywood Squares to the Oscar Awards. I was really eager to get a feel fro Bruce’s life experiences, having been raised on movie sets and loving film and theatre the way he does.

The best way to track Bruce’s adventures is on the site We Got Bruce!

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