HTP Episode 081 – Samora Smallwood



Samora Smallwood played Lieutenant Amin in Star Trek: Discovery.  She is also hard at work at her independent production, Gone, as well as encouraging creators near and far with her mantra, “Manifest Yo Sh*t”.  In this episode of Hungry Trilobyte, Samora and I start off tackling heavy issues like human trafficking and internet hate, and take it full circle with lighter subjects like retro video games, James Bond, and using the internet to save the world.  Spoiler: Samora is on the right track!

Samora’s official website is  You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and imdb

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HTP Episode 060 – Dan Decker


Dan Decker is the host of the Bad Choices & Bourbon podcast, a show that looks at the lives of prominent scifi fans on the internet.  Dan’s conversations provide a deep, personal background for each guest, and each chat is a great way to see a detailed story about how fandom has made one person’s life better.  Dan’s appearance on Hungry Trilobyte continues a conversation we started when I appeared on his show.  Lots of great chat about how communication and discussion has grown over the years, and maybe how we can bring the good stuff from the pre-social-media era back!

During this episode, Dan and I mention a lot of wonderful online friends, such as @BathlethBabe, @TheIrishTrekkie, @TrekLad, @Starfleetboy, @OliviaJ_8 and @Zoidberg95 .  All would be great people to follow!

Check out Dan on Twitter, and subscribe to Bad Choices & Bourbon.  You can track the podcast on Twitter as well.

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