HTP Episode 159 – Brad Hornbacher

Brad Hornbacher wrote the classic MST3k episodeWerewolf‘, but today spends a lot of his time with his band, Civil Defiance. Brad graces us with many stories about the creation of the movie, ranging from is origins as a Russian epic to is relocation to Flagstaff, Arizona, and the wild ambitions of the film’s producer and co-writer, Tony Zarindast. Turns out, Brad and I see the world of film (and how people bond over the more unique gems) in very similar ways. We close the discussion talking about Civil Defiance’s video for Eye of the Dog.

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HTP Episode 092 – John Vorhaus



John Vorhaus is a comedy writer from such shows as Married… With Children and Charles in Charge. He’s also the author of books such as The Comic Toolbox and the upcoming The Little Book of Stand-Up.


In this episode, John and I get into the real pain points of comedy writing: seeking inspiration, wanting to create a legacy, and knowing your own value. He also indulges me greatly in telling stories of creating the Bulgarian and Russian versions of Married… With Children.

You can follow John on his official website, his Amazon Author page, and check out his art on his Redbubble store.  He also (generously!) encourages people to reach out to him via e-mail or the contact page on his website.

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