HTP Episode 105 – Marc Morales



Marc Morales is an independent film maker, a horror fan, and an all-around movie fanatic. In this episode, he and I discuss his movie 521 North Main Street, about to go into production. We also get the chance to talk about horror fandom (an insider perspective for him and an outsider perspective for me). There’s also a really fun side-chat about how film fanatics were able to research movies in the VHS era, compared to the DVD and streaming eras.

You can track Marc’s progress on the website of his production company, High Fivin’ Ants.  His web series It’s Crazy Out There has its own Facebook page, where he frequents.


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HTP Episode 059 – Tina Marie Trimpert


Tina Marie Trimpert is the host of The Psyche-Delic podcast, a show built on second-guessing our assumptions about the world.  Tina and her “panel of non-experts” look at pop psychology, philosophy, and the paranormal with a wide range of perspectives.  During our chat, Tina and I compare notes on the differences between discussing science and philosophy, the different tools needed for each, and the motivations someone could have for looking at the intersections between the two.  We also start a great chat on where the boundaries lie between the material world and the paranormal.

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HTP Episode 043 – Jean-Pierre Giagnoli

smooth tight

Jean-Pierre Giagnoli is an actor, comedian, and paranormal investigator… not to mention an really fun guy and one of the biggest Ghostbusters fans I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet! He and I get into discussing Ghostbusters trivia, as well as how the franchise reflects real-life paranormal investigations.

You can follow him on Twitter, and imdb.
His paranormal research group is

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