HTP Episode 127 – SegaMasterTim

SegaMasterTim is a veteran of the Console Wars, having sat in the trenches at Australia’s Sega Hotline. Yes, not only does Tim have some great perspective of what gaming was like in the era of the Sega Master System, he also appreciates how the US and Australia had very different experiences with early gaming culture. In this episode of Hungry Trilobyte, not only do Tim and I get to talk gaming, but we extend those ideas and look at how our online socialization reflects the changes that started in the 80s.


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HTP Episode 077 – Amanda Deibert Returns… with Cat Staggs



Amanda Deibert (from Episode 32) returns with her wife, Cat Staggs, to give us a better view of what it’s like to create as a couple. Cat offers some great insight into how to overcome frustration and how to deal with self-criticism, and together, these two ladies make it clear how useful it is to work with your spouse and your best friend.

Check out some of Cat’s amazing art on her website,, on her deviantArt account, and follow her on Twitter and IMDB. Amanda’s writing efforts can be found on  Twitter, Facebook, and you can find her full body of work on her official website.

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HTP Episode 032 – Amanda Deibert


Amanda Deibert is a writer, currently working with DC Comics on titles such as Wonder Woman ’77 and DC Superhero Girls. She’s also a working mother with a huge social media following, and in our chat, we talk about the balance between professional interests and being a good parent and spouse.

Amanda has a lot of really fun projects in the works, such as Work for a Million, a lesbian detective novel, and John Carpenter’s Tales for a HalloweeNight. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and find her full body of work on her official website.

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