HTP Episode 161 – Lisa N. Alexander

Lisa N. Alexander is a filmmaker assembling the independent project My Father the Queen. The movie tells the story of a black family in the 1960s, led by a father who is a member of the LGBTQ community. The story reflects, not only his personal struggles, but the impact his identity has on his family and community. In Lisa’s words, the story frames his conflict from a mental health perspective, and she and I spend time talking about how mental health has been reflected in film historically. With My Father the Queen in pre-production, Lisa describes her efforts in putting together her script and lining up the business end of filmmaking—certainly not the most rewarding part of independent filmmaking, but one of the most crucial.

Be sure to support the crowdfunding campaign for My Father the Queen at Follow Lisa on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and her official website.

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HTP Episode 053 – Bruce Vilanch


Quaran-Tina Turner, better known as Bruce Vilanch, is a legendary writer in Hollywood. Although in Geek circles, Bruce is probably best known for writing the Star Wars Holiday Special, his talents have been applied everywhere from the set of Hollywood Squares to the Oscar Awards. I was really eager to get a feel fro Bruce’s life experiences, having been raised on movie sets and loving film and theatre the way he does.

The best way to track Bruce’s adventures is on the site We Got Bruce!

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