HTP Episode 085 – Michael Stein

Michael Stein earned his indie film stripes starring as Dirk Diggler in the short film that would later be remade as Boogie Nights.  Not only did he get a cameo in the later movie, but he quickly developed a relationship with movies and independent film, at a time when the indie film world was a completely different world.
In this episode of Hungry Trilobyte, Michael and I get granular about how film has changed since the streaming revolution, and the ways in which that trend has both helped and hurt auteur filmmakers.  We look carefully for a way to get back some of the earlier energy without throwing out the obvious benefits of the 21st century.

Long Shot Leaders is Michael’s new podcast, about people who have succeeded as independent artists despite all odds.


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HTP Episode 058 – Richard Burgin


Richard Burgin is the director of Fang, a psychological horror film. The upcoming movie is the story of Billy, an unreliable protagonist with undiagnosed Autism. Richard used his own experience with Aspurgers syndrome to shape the film and make it a personal work. In this episode, Richard and I talk about the challenges of independent filmmaking and the struggles of a starting artist.

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HTP Episode 037 – Tonjia Atomic


Tonjia Atomic is the director of many cult films, not the least of which being “Manos Returns”. In this episode, she and I discuss how the film came together, and how to create the perfect balance of solid filmmaking craft with a low budget and the most surreal of source materials. Obviously, the sequel to Manos could not be totally serious, but no one wanted it to be outright campy either.

You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her official website, You can watch Manos Retuns on Amazon Prime, and for news on the project, it’s best to check the Facebook feed, but there’s also a Twitter and Instagram as well.

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HTP Episode 011 – Arch Hall Jr.


Arch Hall Jr. is known to drive-in movie fans as the star of movies such as Eegah and The Sadist. In this episode, Arch talks about making “drive in” era movies, as well as the guidance his father, Arch Hall Sr., gave him to get started in the business. What was it like making cheap movies in the early 60s?

Here’s where you can keep tabs on Arch Hall Jr.:

Facebook, Arch’s Personal Website

Geek Resources: – A fantastic place to find any kind of data that’s been abandoned to the basements of the internet. Old movies, old recordings, website copies, and so much more.

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