HTP Episode 107 – Laura Banks



Laura Banks is known to Trek fans as the Augment navigator Wajahut in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. In this episode of Hungry Trilobyte, she and I discuss her experiences on set, what the fandom means to her, and how her character was developed in Trek fiction.  Specifically, I mention To Reign in Hell by Greg Cox. I also compare her account of the experience with what George Takei said in his book To the Stars.

We also venture into more real-world topics.  Recently, she was interviewed for an independent film about the legendary movie year that was 1982, as well as a book about the history of the development of Star Trek II.  She has a new movie called No Vacancy with Sean Young.  Laura shares her experience as an improv and stand-up talent, as well as a podcaster with a specialty in astrology. 

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HTP Episode 091 -Frank Ferrante



Frank Ferrante is an accomplished stage actor, director, and veteran comedian. He has embraced many roles, most notably playing Groucho Marx in the stage production of An Evening with Groucho and Groucho: A Life in Revue and the PBS film Frank Ferrante’s GROUCHO. In this episode of Hungry Trilobyte, Frank and I spend a lot of time talking about how comedy works, what makes live theater so amazing (and how we’ll feel about it after being in lockdown for so long) as well as how Marx Bros-style comedy works in the age of podcasts and YouTube.

In addition to portraying Groucho on stage, Frank works to preserve the legacy of the man by operating


Currently, you can find Frank in All Hail Ceaser: An American Love Story.  Frank’s next project is a six-month run of Teatro ZinZanni, opening July 8, 2021.  Tickets currently for sale.


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HTP Episode 017 – Rebecca Hanson


Rebecca Hanson is an actor and writer on Mystery Science Theater 3000. She portrays the character Synthia as well as being the voice of Gypsy. In this episode of Hungry Trilobyte, we discuss what it’s like to be a fan of a show and then have the chance to work on it, as well as different comedy styles and creative processes. Lots of good stories about her other MST3K cast-mates!

Here’s where you can check out Rebecca’s work:

Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Official Site

Geek Resource: The Annotated MST – line-by-line explanation of MST3k jokes, sorted by episode.

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