HTP Episode 105 – Marc Morales



Marc Morales is an independent film maker, a horror fan, and an all-around movie fanatic. In this episode, he and I discuss his movie 521 North Main Street, about to go into production. We also get the chance to talk about horror fandom (an insider perspective for him and an outsider perspective for me). There’s also a really fun side-chat about how film fanatics were able to research movies in the VHS era, compared to the DVD and streaming eras.

You can track Marc’s progress on the website of his production company, High Fivin’ Ants.  His web series It’s Crazy Out There has its own Facebook page, where he frequents.


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HTP Episode 076 – Screaming Chuy



The Screaming Chuy show is a podcast with a layout very similar to Hungry Trilobyte’s. Chuy is a guy who appreciates free-form conversation, good laughs, and exploring fandom anywhere you find it. He’s taken a bit of a different path with his show, with different types of guests, and he’s a great example of what makes podcasting such a versatile format. Here, he and I have a great chat about fandom, Rocky Horror Picture Show, horror movies like Halloween and Friday the 13th, Star Trek, and MST3k.


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