HTP Episode 131 – Christen Stoval Returns… with Jennifer Sanders!

Christen Stovall (from Episode 8) brings her writing partner Jennifer Sanders to Hungry Trilobyte! The two authors have completed a series of fantasy novels, The Fae-Touched Chronicles. During our chat, we discuss not only the release of the first three books in the series, but we create a writer’s forum where the three of us hash out different creative processes and friendly shenanigans.

Be sure to check out all four parts of The Fae-Touched Chronicles:

  1. Seer’s Choice
  2. Healer’s Touch
  3. Lady of the Loch
  4. Agent of Change

You can follow Christen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok as well as her official website.  Please follow Jennifer on Twitter, Amazon, and her official website.

This episode also introduces our collaboration with Sci-Fi Coffee.  Use promo code HUNGRY for 10% off your order.

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HTP Episode 030 – Todd Sullivan


Todd Sullivan is the author of Hollow Men, the first in The Windshire Chronicles, a series of fantasy novels written with a fusion of Asian and Western themes. Born in the US, but having spent much of his life in Korea and now Taiwan, Todd has re-interpreted his life as a visitor in the form of a fantasy tale. The two of us spend a lot of time discussing what it’s like to feel like a stranger, as well as our hopes for the future of our culture. Also, dragons.

Be sure to follow Todd on Facebook, Twitter, and keep an eye out for his next book, There Will Be One!

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HTP Episode 008 – Christen Stovall


Christen Stovall is the author of the Song of Souls trilogy of novels. We cover a lot of ground about fiction, reality, life, death, and eating giant turkey legs at the Renaissance Fair. During the discussion, she mentions that the third book, Boundless, in the series is done, and that the Kindle Version of the second book, Soulfire, is on sale.

Here’s where you can keep tabs on Christen and her work:

Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Official Website

Geek Resources:

Sci Fi Film Fiesta – SFFF compiles recommendations for offbeat and semi-obscure vintage sci-fi movies, often complete with YouTube links. Great for finding a Saturday Afternoon Movie in a hurry.

5D – This combination blog and podcast features articles and interviews about lots of genre movies, from The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then Bigfoot to Trouble is My Business. You can follow their podcast on YouTube or in Audio format.

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