HTP Episode 060 – Dan Decker


Dan Decker is the host of the Bad Choices & Bourbon podcast, a show that looks at the lives of prominent scifi fans on the internet.  Dan’s conversations provide a deep, personal background for each guest, and each chat is a great way to see a detailed story about how fandom has made one person’s life better.  Dan’s appearance on Hungry Trilobyte continues a conversation we started when I appeared on his show.  Lots of great chat about how communication and discussion has grown over the years, and maybe how we can bring the good stuff from the pre-social-media era back!

During this episode, Dan and I mention a lot of wonderful online friends, such as @BathlethBabe, @TheIrishTrekkie, @TrekLad, @Starfleetboy, @OliviaJ_8 and @Zoidberg95 .  All would be great people to follow!

Check out Dan on Twitter, and subscribe to Bad Choices & Bourbon.  You can track the podcast on Twitter as well.

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