HTP Episode 087 – Deana Dolphin Returns!


“Captain” Deana Dolphin comes back to Hungry Trilobyte (after first appearing in Episode 23) and is eager to report on the #MakeMoreMST3K Kickstarter campaign!  Yes, MST3K finally has its Season 13 on the horizon, and the fans have a chance to make this more than just a show running on a network.  Joel has decided to build “The Gizmoplex” and create a streaming service that’ll cater to MST3K fans, as well as provide us all with some amazing new resources.

In this episode, we speculate on what sort of features Joel could add to the Gizmoplex, and try and compare how this reflects on the power of the fandom now, compared to the way it was when the show ended after Season 7.  And 10.  And 12.

Be sure to check out the Kickstarter HERE and support new MST3K!

Here’s where you can find Deana: Twitter, Instagram, Reddit

Deana’s Facebook page is open to new fans, and you can check the notes for Episode 23 for a list of groups she moderates.

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Podcast logo by – @MarcieStarfleet on Twitter and Instagram


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