HTP Episode 063 – Dr. Lisa Funnell


Dr. Lisa Funnell is an Associate Professor in the Women’s and Gender Studies department at the University of Oklahoma.  In addition to authoring books on the James Bond mythos, such as ‘Geographies, Genders and Geopolitics of James Bond’ and ‘For His Eyes Only: The Women of James Bond’.  Her work has led her to teach a university class on the changing role of women in the James Bond universe.  The overall goal of the course is to mirror how women’s changing roles in the series mirror their changing roles in real life.  During our chat, I get to pick Dr. Funnell’s brain about what it’s like to balance fandom and scholarly analysis, particularly when a dated perspective might make us uncomfortable.  She also has a great take on the sharp turn the 007 movies took in the 90s.

You can follow Dr. Funnell on her Twitter account as well as Instagram, Facebook,  and  on her Amazon Author page.  Her official website is

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