HTP Episode 054 – Laurie Ulster Returns!


First appearing in Episode 16, Laurie Ulster has returned to Hungry Trilobyte to talk about how fandom is changing in 2020… and unlike a lot of things in 2020, it’s changing for the better! She and I discuss how Star Trek is branching out in new creative directions and how to maximize your enjoyment of it. Or, if you’re not the type of fan who’s enjoying it, how you can redirect your fandom energy and still be as much of a Trekkie as ever. We also get into a pretty good chat about what it was like to be a fan in the days when being a geek wasn’t cool. Not to be missed is our discussion on how Ethan Phillips admit’s Neelix’s crush on Janeway, and Andrew Robinson’s views on Garak’s gay crush on Bashir.

One of Laurie’s best works is an interview with Connor Trinneer.  Here’s where you can check out the rest of her stuff:

All Access Star Trek Podcast, Pressfolios, Twitter, Trekmovie

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