HTP Episode 018 – Ian Ferguson


Ian Ferguson is one of the hosts of the Completely Unnecessary Podcast, where he and his co-host Pat Contri analyze retro games, modern games, pop culture trends, and shaving with ranch dressing. More recently, Ian has started working with another team on a project called Yokoi Kids, celebrating the legacy of the Nintendo Game Boy. In addition to that, his new podcast Extra Napkins explores food and food culture. Our talk about all these projects was a lot of fun and I wish we’d had more time.

Here’s where you can check out Ian’s many projects:

Ian’s Twitter

    • Completely Unnecessary Podcast (


    • /


    • Extra Napkins (


    • /



Yokoi Kids (Website / Twitter)

Geek Resource: AtariAge – AtariAge is basically the living, breathing embodiment of the classic era of video games. Also, not a bad place to go to talk about modern games.

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